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The customer journey is a representation of every interaction your customers have with you. It describes each action the customer takes, the reaction your business provides, as well as the customer’s emotional state throughout the entire process. Basically, it tells the story of their relationship with your brand.

Why does the customer journey matter?

Researching and mapping out your customer journeys is one of the best ways to see your business from the consumer’s perspective. It’s very easy to perceive your own business the way you wish it to be perceived, but understanding how your customers view and feel about your brand is going to be much more productive for you in the long run. 

There are numerous benefits of customer journey mapping, including:

  • Identifying all customer touch points (before, during, and after sale)
  • Determining customer needs at different stages in your customer lifecycle
  • Understanding your customer’s mental and emotional processes so you can react appropriately
  • Gaining an outside viewpoint on your sales process
  • Making sure the sales funnel and customer journey are in a logical order
  • Showing the difference between desired experience and actual experience
  • Focusing your effort and budget to increase customer satisfaction and revenue

If you are able to help a buyer solve a problem, and make them feel good about themselves and their purchase throughout the entire process, chances are they’re going to share their experience with family and friends. Free marketing with a high conversion rate...that’s every marketer’s dream. By taking the time to understand your customers and developing your processes and products specifically to keep them happy and loyal you will increase your chances of turning them into brand advocates. 

Customer journeys are quite complex processes. People can come into contact with your brand in a number of different ways, whether it’s organic search, one of your marketing campaigns, word of mouth, or through another route. This will undoubtedly affect the way they perceive your company and proceed through their journey. 

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