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Since it's the end of the month, we thought we'd share some of our favourite content that made us smile. We hope you enjoy it too!

Also, we wish Sam safe travels on her journey to the Great North!




Here's a video of my beloved Chris Hemsworth and James Corden. Guaranteed to give you a laugh:


A beautiful palette and thought by @lucialitman:



A tribute to those with the toughest job in the world:


And a bit of existential humour:

chicken meme



Quotes and memes that hit home:










This is a very interesting and slightly unsettling read:

"Facebook’s digital wallet Calibra: What it could mean for marketers"

Something we need to talk about:

"Women make up majority of influencer community, still earn less than male influencers"

And a candle quote that sums up our fearless leader Sami:




Design funnies and interesting compositions:


IMG_7028 (2)


IMG_7032 (2)


IMG_7033 (2)


IMG_7031 (2)


IMG_7034 (2)



For me it was hard to go past Ashley Barty becoming the number 1 women's tennis player. It's the first time an Aussie woman has topped the rankings in over 40 years. She gave up tennis to play cricket and only came back a few years ago. She's also got indigenous heritage and the right attitude. Check it out, along with social reactions here:

"Ash Barty number one world ranking sends Queensland into overdrive"

And here's my lame dad joke:



Marlon Craft is a rapper from Hell's Kitchen, NYC. His new album is inspiring and thought provoking, click to listen:

Listen to Funhouse Mirror


This meme has me feeling personally attacked:


(ps Ross is the worst)

@alokvmenon is an amazing transfeminine / gender non-conforming writer, performer, speaker, fashionist@ fighting the good fight to win non-binary, trans and queer people more rights and visibility. Look at them rocking this billboard:alok


It isn't a month without at least 1 existential breakdown:



And of course I couldn't make it through the month without some cute doggos:



Hope you all had a laugh or two this month, happy weekend!


The CornerPost Team


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